Couples Counseling
We offer many services in the area of couples counseling. Couples are who we are and what we do. We know that relationships are the foundation of society and we aim to help to find solutions, make the necessary changes while loving yourself and your partner more than ever before.. Let us help you make it a lovely relationship..
 Mental Health Resources
Our therapists publish books spanning multiple mental health areas and will be publishing more in time. You can contact us to get quality rates on bulk quantities of 100 books or more. Otherwise you may buy them on your own. Just know that there will be many more topics to come. Current publications.
Family Counseling
Families are the backbone to the existence of mankind. While many external factors pull on the heartstrings of various family members, often we need to come together to remember our values and focus on the family being strong and committed. We would love to work with your family today, age 14 and up.
Mental Health Counseling
While all aspects of your health are important, having a stable and clear mind is the most important. As we function in different roles each day working with others in the community and in our homes it's imperative to our survival that we are able to communicate well and be rational.
We work with you to teach you: coping skills, ways to reduce stress, ways to see things rationally, troubleshooting, problem solving and more. By creating a plan to help you or your teens in a way that is simple and painless, you begin down a positive path towards stability and wellness.  
Speaking Engagements
We learn, we listen and we speak. While it is our goal to serve on a global scale, working with clients all over the world, we are open to speaking engagements pertaining to topics which fall within the scope of mental health. You can listen to one of the voices by checking out our podcast, The Trahan Therapy Center on more than 13 platforms. Contact us today to speak at your event.