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Couple in Love
Couples Counseling
We offer many services in the area of couples counseling. Couples are who we are and what we do. We know that relationships are the foundation of society and we aim to help to find solutions, make the necessary changes while loving yourself and your partner more than ever before.. Let us help you make it a lovely relationship..

Counseling Services offered:
5 minute consult                   Free
53 minute sessions
45 minute sessions
30 minute sessions
Mental health services are usually covered through insurance and all services are covered by cash payment. Please verify that the services you need are covered under your policy. Know your benefits and eligibility.

Diet Apples
Weight Loss & Lifestyle Management

Mental wellness is only one aspect of wellness. Eating well and maintaining a healthy weight is beneficial to your overall health. The Trahan Therapy Center is undertaking a new initiative of Weight loss and lifestyle management.  This is a comprehensive program that with your consistency and hard work will yield promising life changing results. This program may be covered under insurance plans and is in a group format. You may choose to see the therapist with your insurance for individual non weight related counseling and pay the weekly cost for this program separately if your insurance doesn't cover it. If you've been pondering invasive methods or have been plagued by dieting fatigue, this is the solution. Call  your insurance today to see if you're covered for weight loss management through your behavioral health benefits.

Stone Balancing
Family At Church
Mental Health Counseling
While all aspects of your health are important, having a stable and clear mind is the most important. As we function in different roles each day working with others in the community and in our homes it's imperative to our survival that we are able to communicate well and be rational.

We work with you to teach you: coping skills, ways to reduce stress, ways to see things rationally, troubleshooting, problem solving and more. By creating a plan to help you or your teens in a way that is simple and painless, you begin down a positive path towards stability and wellness.  
Families are the backbone to the existence of mankind. While many external factors pull on the heartstrings of various family members, often we need to come together to remember our values and focus on the family being strong and committed. We would love to work with your family today, age 14 and up.
Life Coaching Services Offered
Life coach services are different from mental health therapy and are not covered under most insurances. Life coaching includes strategic planning, looking at various aspects of life including business and personal growth and determining which routes to take. This service can be offered for 45 minutes, 1 hour or 1.5 hours.