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Bullies are not buddies. We must recognize and understand what and who a bully is before making accusations that someone is bullying you. A bully in a school or work envirnoment may receive harsh consequences. 


As a School Counselor, I will make you aware of what bullying is and give you alternate words to use to describe behaviors that are bothersome to you if it is found that the behaviors displayed are not considered bullying. 

Friendship can be quite a colorful road. At one time, you might seem to have many friends while at other times it can seem like others are against you. Learning about who you are and what values are important to you can make a world of difference when choosing friends. 

Some things generally hold true for friends: they usually love you just the way you are, they support you in positive activities and are there when you need them most. 

A friend isn't someone encouraging you to make poor or decisions that may be detrimental to your well being. This person would not spread gossip and rumors about you. If you are having a friendship issue today, please contact us.  

For many reasons young people resort to sexting, sending a sexual message that usually has a personal picture enclosed. It is dangerous to a person's current life and future. When sexting takes place, you never know who the other person will send or show your picture to. Students have suffered the humiliation of having had their picture seen by the majority of students in their high school. 

This type of embarassment is often quite difficult to overcome. Once a nude or erotic picture is out there, you can't be certain to recover it, have it deleted or know for certain that it won't end up on the internet. If you are thinking about sexting, contact us.

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